• Connected Health. Better Outcomes.
    An integration platform for health and wellness teams and resources.

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Enterprise Employers

For employers who seek to connect their health and wellness programs and resources for better outcomes related to prevention and chronic disease management, more engagement, healthier employees, less absenteeism, higher ROI and cost-savings.

Provider Systems

For hospital systems or healthcare provider networks seeking to connect their care teams to patients throughout the various episodes of care and deliver integrated health, wellness or prevention programming for long-term sustainable health and reduced re-admissions.

Third-Party Administrators

For third party administrators or consultants who want to offer their clients the ability to maximize outcomes, offerings, engagement and efficiencies of health and wellness care teams.


We provide connectivity, communication and customization to connect the dots for the individual and all available health and wellness information, data, programming, vendors, resources, employers and providers -- all organized around specific conditions or topics. Enhanced information sharing and secure messaging allow the individual and her team to coordinate, make referrals, customize treatment plans, set reminders or alerts and share tools or data.


Employers, carriers, and provider systems use our system use our platform to bring to the forefront and leverage their established health and wellness benefits teams and programming. Our platform maximizes their use and efficiencies and generates data and analytics that create actionable tools and methodologies to further enhance personal health accountability.


We empower individuals by delivering a simple and personal system that encourages participation in healthcare, wellness and prevention actions and decisions. The result is sustainable engagement and reduced costs.